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KORONA Group is an association of trading companies that offer mainly non-mechanized household supplies as well as small mechanized household appliances, household chemicals and souvenirs.

Each of the companies belonging to the Association enriches and strengthens it with its know-how, experience, highly skilled staff and established position in the market achieved due to many years’ tradition, going back to the early 1990s, of cooperating with shops, department stores, wholesale firms, institutions, HoReCa sector companies, cooperatives and commercial networks.

The Association aims at supporting development and competitiveness of member companies.

Our brands

Our advantages



Ample, many years’ experience of import and trade which allows us to offer our customers very wide, deliberate and proven range of goods of domestic origin and the ones imported directly by us


sales strenght

A big sales strength of KORONA Group enabling negotiating favourable terms and conditions of purchase, which makes it possible for us to offer very attractive prices and promotions



Territorial spread of the companies belonging to the KORONA Group ensures that every customer interested in cooperation with it shall be professionally serviced in terms of trade and logistics irrespective of their location

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